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    Your First Chart

    How do I create a chart?

    There are two components to creating a chart in ZingChart - the markup container in HTML and the ZingChart render method in JavaScript. To create a chart, you first need a container. Add <div id="myChart"></div> to your markup where you would like your chart to be. Then, create your chart configuration JSON object in JavaScript based on the chart type. Once you have the markup and the configuration, you can call zingchart.render() with the container id and JSON packet. See our tutorial on Your First JavaScript Chart for full instructions.

    How do I add more charts/How do I create a dashboard?

    See our tutorial on adding additional charts for a full walkthrough of how to create dashboards.

    Does ZingChart have ____ chart type?

    Check out our chart types list to see all of the chart types we offer. If you don't see what you're looking for, send us a message in chat and we can find the best ZingChart solution for your needs.

    Can ZingChart recreate ____ chart?

    If you're looking to recreate a chart, send us a screenshot and we'd be happy to find you the best solution or put together a demo for you.

    Which chart should I use?

    If you don't know which chart is the best for your data, check out our Guide to Choosing the Right Chart Type;