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    Getting Started

    How do I download and use ZingChart?

    There are multiple ways to download ZingChart. You can download the files directly from our GitHub or CDN, or use NPM. More information can be found on our Download page.

    How can I use a specific version of ZingChart?

    Every version of ZingChart can be found on our CDN. You can browse the versions and download whichever you need.

    Does ZingChart work with ____?

    ZingChart is written in vanilla JavaScript and can be used wherever JavaScript can be used. We also provide integrations for a select number of frameworks and languages, including React, Vue, and more. You can check out our demos repository on GitHub to see the library and integration wrappers in action. Still can't find what you're looking for? Send us a message in chat or at support@zingsoft.com and we'd be happy to help.

    How do I use ZingChart with ____?

    When using a wrapper, make sure you look at the documentation on both the corresponding GitHub repository and the corresponding documentation page. If you are having trouble using ZingChart with your framework, let us know in chat.


    How do I buy a license?

    You can buy a license on our Pricing page. There are currently some known bugs with processing international (non-US) credit cards via our payment portal. If you encounter problems, please reach out to us using the chat window or at support@zingsoft.com. We are happy to provide a PayPal link or bank transfer instructions in these situations.

    Do I have to buy a license?

    ZingChart is free to use under our Branded License agreement, which essentially states that all of our features are available to any user so long as the ZingChart branding is visible at all times. If you would like to remove the ZingChart branding and receive premium support, you will need to purchase a license.